New Video Hints at Minecraft Swamp Biome Update

Update 9/30/2019: Minecon has come and gone and the we’ve learned a lot. Check out everything we know about the new Nethers update and all the new features coming to the Overland

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After a closer look at the Badland biome features, we now get to see what the Swamp biome update will bring us.

First of all, there’s an important new feature – boats with chests inside that you can use to store thing you find at sea. The Swamp biome’s new mob will be a frog, which will probably end up being the same size as the bees from the last update. We have no idea what this mob can drop, maybe a new type of food.
We also get to hear about a new tree, a “mangrove,” that is specific for swamp biome. The tree itself is not shown to us in any way, but is somewhere in the distance in the video you see above.

We can only imagine the new and wonderfull buildings we’re about to create or how we’ll improve the old ones with new textures. With only these small features, we can see how the biome comes alive, and now every player will have a bigger interest in exploring this biome. Want to know more? Check out the Minecraft Badlands Update.

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