New Video Details More of What Humankind is All About

Humankind is a game of strategy, and we don’t see too many good strategy games these days. In the latest video released, we get a closer look at the game, especially the view, which is just fantastic. The developers mentioned that the game would focus more on building a single city, expanding it and creating your “own mark” in the game, and that certianly looks to be the case.

The game will allow players to create a series of small cities or focus on a single, massive city. The will be outposts, which are places that you will have to occupy with force and defend them from different attacks. These outposts can be transformed into a city if you have enough resources and time, I assume. You can also integrate them into your town, making it a lot easier to improve that zone and expand evermore.

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As far as terrain goes, there will be two kinds of terrain, one that will be generated and one that we’ll have to create. The idea of leaving a mark was taken very seriously by the team, meaning that everything you do with your city will affect the region you’re building on. Productivity will be a “must-have” on the list. This is what will make your city grown more significant and more reliable. You can improve productivity by building infrastructure. One significant mark on your cities will be the specialization that you choose. This is not something you can pick at the beginning of the game. It is something you adapt. If your city is in a stone area, you will see a lot of quarries. If you extend to other rich areas, for example, you city will grow to resemble what a wealthy city might look like.

The game looks fantastic and it promises a lot of changes from a regular strategy game. It will be a pleasure just to look at your creation, see how it grows and expands. Humankind will be released later sometime 2020.

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