New Regions, Tasks, and Enemies Come to Wolfenstein Youngblood

Well, it took some time but there is new content available for the favorite Nazi-killing game. This big update comes with a lot of new features and locations and, best of all, it’s free. To access the new missions, you’ll have to end the storyline, though, so it’s not completely effortless on your part.

Let’s start with the new locations: a Parisian reservoir and a bunker. The reason for these raids is a lot more than rushing and killing lots and lots of enemies. We’re actually here to collect ”Da’at Yichud” artifacts. After you complete this mission, you will unlock 20 Treasure Maps, and you will also receive different rewards as coins, ability points, and a lot of experience.

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Speaking about a lot of ability points, you should definitely check the new available abilities. One of the 11 new abilities was specially created for treasure hunt. God Key Sense is a new ability that will make artifacts much easier to find.

8 new skins are available for your character and two new Pep Signals. One of the new signals will restore heavy weapon ammo. The other will grant quad damage for four seconds. These new abilities will be best used against the new enemies, which you will encounter during the Paris and Bunker mission. One of them is teleporting as soon as he gets the chance, named Wurmlochsoldat, a dangerous drone called Electrodrohne and a Laserhund with a turret called Turmhund.


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