New Musical Instruments Coming to Rust

After getting horses and horse armor, what we could possibly ask for? Well, more guns, of course. A large stash to be precise. But we’re not getting more guns, and instead, we’re get musical instruments. What can be better than killing all players who want to raid, then play a song to show dominance, right?

Up until now, updates for Rust we’re free, but this DLC will cost $10. There will be ten new instruments including a piano, drums, cowbells, and a sousaphone, among others. And hold it, these aren’t the basic instruments in most games that will play a song for you. These instruments will be able to play all the notes from A to G. Every one of these keys can be assigned from your keyboard and you can play it as you wish or, in the case of most people, I’m sure, how you can. There are over 20 different notes that you can play on instruments.

There’s a way to avoid buying the DLC, and it’s way more fun than spending $10 online, but you’ll have to keep your eyes open.

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If you spot a player that has an instrument, you have two options:

  1. You can try and talk to him to craft or give you an instrument and maybe you start a band.
  2. Kill him, steal his instrument, and keep it for yourself.

There are so many ways the game can be improved, adding new features. There is a lack of explosives(at the moment we only have C4 and explosive ammo) or even more ways to travel instead of helicopters and horses. Hell, I would love a bike if nothing else is possible.

A game of betrayal and neverending raids that keeps the community alive. Traps we’re a big deal, especially when you have a pumpkin field. The instruments will add a little bit of fun but for a short time. We can only expect some Rust bands to hit and hopefully we’ll get to see some live performances on an improvised scene made out of stone.

New Musical Instruments in Rust

Here’s a list with all the instruments which will be added, but of course adapted to the world of Rust, so expect them to be made out of junk and scrap metal:

  • Trumpet
  • Canbourine
  • Bass(which is a shovel for Rust reasons)
  • Piano
  • Drumkit
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Cowbell
  • Xylophone(which is made out of bones)

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