New Content Coming to Hitman 2 This Month

It’s been a while since Hitman 2 received an update worthy of mentioning. And now it looks like we’re going to celebrate the games 1st birthday with a whole month worth of content. With more and more clues that a new Hitman game is coming, everything coming this month should help keep us entertained in the meantime.

Legacy Escalations includes Teague Temptation which takes place in Paris and The Bahadur Dexterity which takes place in Marrakesh. These scenarios will require some rare tasks to complete them. Speaking about challenges, you can find Breaking and Entering, which will take place in the Whitteleton Creek map. This will be another set of challenges that will unlock the ICA crowbar, made out of titanium.

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November 14 will add two new packs: Legacy Challenge. In Marrakesh you will find Master Fortune Teller, by completing this you will unlock the TAC-4 S/A Desert. Next, you’ll have the Art of Revenge in Hokkaido, and by completing it you will unlock the Masamune katana. Another contract will be available: The Montague Audacity in Santa Fortuna.

Interesting fact, some of the other contracts are coming from the player’s community, so we can expect some crazy things going on.

November 19 adds another two Legacy Escalations located in Bangkok: Arthin Occulation and Sapienza: Szilassi Darkness. Also, another Legacy Challenge packs will be added: Found in the Isle of Sgail, Blake’s Endeavor will reward you with Arkian Tuxedo outfit. In Sapienza you will have available: Plumber’s Apprentice and Master Sniper, by completing them you will be rewarded with: a Claw hammer and Jaeger 7 cover rifle.

The final escalations will come near the end of the month:

  1. Three-stage McCallister Ransack, located in Whittleton Creek
  2. Quimby Quandary, located on the Isle of Sgail
  3. Bartholomew Hornswaggle located on the Haven Island

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