New Combat Features Reveled for Yakuza 7

Yakuza 7 is meant to be a”watershed” for the Yakuza Series as the creator Toshihiro Nagoshi announced. The action takes place In Yokohama, presenting Ichiban Kasuga as the main protagonist.

The new combat focuses on a turn-based system, as you have to choose from a menu of given options, based on the interaction and situation of the characters. The combat mechanics were first released on April Fools video as a joke, but it seems like there was no joke at all. Depending on the community’s feedback, developers are willing to change it to the system we’re all used to, though, if necessary. So, as they say, speak now or forever hold your peace.

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Yakuza 7 will soon join the Yakuza franchise developed by Sega. The game itself it’s speaking the way of life for yakuza. The story focuses on the endless search of “another way to live” by raising orphans at the same time as he usually assists in the Tojo clan activities. A free world game where you can perform normal tasks to achieve experience or fight when you interacts with an enemy. Yakuza 7 will be available in Japan starting January 16 on PS4 and will hit the global market sometime in 2020.

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