New and Fun Features in Death Stranding

Death Stranding has made a heavy entrance in the PlayStation Presents Live Show, and it was amazing. Lots of new features have been revealed as the gameplay presented reached its expectations. Besides the fact that your main character can carry so many packages in the most organized fashion, of course when the number of packages increases, the speed will slowly drop. There are spectacular surroundings, filled with fine details, even if it shows a sunk, destroyed city and water-mutant-deer with tentacles instead of horns who shoots lasers is after us. I guess that happens when you combine “Bambi” with a post-apocalyptic world.

For all motorcycle fans, you should know that the character’s ride is a partnership with the Triumph motorcycle brand. Which, apparently, Norman Reedus is a big fan. The baby you will carry enjoys music, and you can even find a harmonica to perform for your little companion. How’s that for good parenting?

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As you may have already guessed, carrying things on your back will be a big part of the game. Take care of what paths you choose, as you have the possibility of dropping your luggage if you fall or slip. To avoid a slow trip, you can always deposit or simply drop items. If other players drop items, you can see them and take them. Other things to know inlcude:

  • Kill enemies with “lasso” mechanics using a “Bola” gun.
  • The relief of different zones can be seen using the “topographical” option.
  • Use markers to make your journey a lot easier.
  • Take a break from fighting and carrying stuff by relaxing, sleeping or massaging yourself.
  • Hygiene is essential and taking baths will restore energy.
  • You can ride or get followed by the “Floating Carrier”
  • Tired of water? you feel exhausted? take your time and enjoy a cold Monster Energy drink.

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