Need for Speed Heat Will Take Car Customization to the Next Level

Need for Speed games bring back childhood memories of funning from the police, drag racing, and spending a lot of time customizing our cars. When car customization came to the Need for Speed franchise, it ushered in a new era of fun. But, after all these years, car customization in Need for Speed has ramained largely the same.

EA is promising major updates to car customization in Need for Speed Heat, where you will be able to modify your car in a very specific way, including “under the hood.” The vehicle upgrades are now separated into four categories:

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Engine – This is where you can increase your car’s horsepower. This area will feature forded induction and nitrous upgrades, among other things that EA has yet to disclose
Chassis – This category is dedicated to the car’s handling and will cover Tires, Brakes, and Suspension.
Drivetrain -This section will focus on both power and handling and, alongside its options, you will have the option to choose a better “Clutch” and “transmission” for a faster shift times.
Auxiliary – This category is divided into Active and Passive items. Active items will be controlled by you like, for example, refilling your nitrous or adding a repair kit which will restore a small amount of health in a short time. Passive Items will be activated as long as they’re equipped to the car at the start of each race.

Need for Speed Heat is a new racing game in the franchise that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the NFS series. In this installment, you’ll join the world of steed racing that takes place in “Palm City”. Featuring a day-night cycle, you can join race events to earn cash that will later be used to buy new upgrades to improve the performance and appearance of your car. These events can be found during day time. Through the night, you can participate in illegal races to earn a reputation. Need For Speed Heat will be available on PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One starting November 8th, 2019.

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