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Natural Vision Evolved Takes Grand Theft Auto V Graphics to the Next Level

Grand Theft Auto V is no stranger to the modding community. In fact, there are more mods out there that you can count on your hands and toes, but there are only a few of them that really stand out. One of those is the Natural Vision mod, and it really made GTA V look amazing. Now, Razed, the developers behind that mod have released a trailer for Natural Vision Evolved, and it takes the game about as close to Photorealism as you could really expect.

The trailer that you see above is one of the best mod trailers we’ve seen for GTA V, and it confirms just how much of an overhaul Evolve represents over the original Natural Vision mod.  Razed isn’t the only person behind the mod, though, as other modders did lend some assistance here and there.  Be that as it may, Evolved is a huge leap forward for GTA V graphics mods.

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Once you install the mod, you’ll notice that the game now features entirely new textures that add more depth and realism to even little things like brick and stone. Real time reflections are a big thing here, in which you can see the reflection of buildings, trees, and even NPCs in water, for example. And, thanks to raytraced global illumination, lighting has also been enhanced to level beyond what we thought was even possible.

According to the YouTube description, There’s a lot that you don’t notice right away as well: “NaturalVision Evolved (NVE) is a work-in-progress visual overhaul mod that is currently in the early access stage. Numerous changes were made to the environmental weather, lighting system, ambient colors, tone mapping, world textures, building models, and much more in order to blur the line between fantasy and reality.”

“A work in progress” – those words alone hit that the mod in general, textures, and graphics could be even better sometime down the road. On top of that, you really need to check out what it looks like for yourself as Razed explained that there were some errors with the in-game capture tools and that “the mod actually looks better in-game than it does in this trailer.”

As of now, the full mod is behind a paywall, but it’s not outrageously expensive. You can get it from Patreon with a $10 payment, at which point you’ll be able to download, install, and enjoy the mod for yourself. If you want to check out part of what it’s capable of, you can download an earlier form of the mod from ResetEra for free. It’s nowhere near as good, but it’s still impressive and will probably make you want to get the latest build.