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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has now launched into Early Access and, from the onset, it seems to live up to its names nad expectations. Reviews on steam are "mostly positive" and we say that we have to agree. The initial tutorial is a bit long and grndy, but once you get through it, you'll enjoy just about everything about the game.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – Review and First Impressions

For a game currently in Early Access, it does not dissapoint.

It’s been a while since Mount and Blade 2 was first announced In fact, to be more precise, it’s been 8 years since it was announced back in 2012. The developers have tried our patience, but we finally get our first look now that it has been released into Early Access. Due to the current world problem, the developer’s team has released M&B 2 into Early Access one day early and even offered us a 10% discount.

If you’re a fan, then you’re probably already playing the game or waiting for the download to finish, if you don’t know what Mount and Blade is, then you should check it out.

After spending some time on the game, I can honestly say that it was worth the wait. The first thing you do when you start your adventure is to pick a culture. There are six different cultures, and each one of them will give you a small advantage. For example, you can get 20% less speed penalty on snow for the Stugians, or you can pick a culture focused more on trading, like Aserai, which will make caravans 30% cheaper with 10% less trade penalty.  After you decide what lifestyle you’ll be using, you will customize your character. There are many ways to create your unique avatar, but my favorite feature is the voice, and you know we’ll be running a barbaric view. I don’t want my character to sound like an old violin.

We’re not jumping into action just yet, as the next step is to pick our family. You can choose what talent each one of your family members will have, perhaps a blacksmith, or a merchant, or even a hunter. Each ability will give you a small advantage in that specific category.  To make things even more exciting, you get to choose your backstory, which you don’t get in many other games.

After you finally decide what to pick, we get to play the game. After we’re done with the tutorial quests, we finally get to do what we want, almost. So what did we think of the game?

Let’s start with the graphics and physics. I was expecting some bugs, but after smashing my horse into a wall and not glitching, I can say the game is in pretty good shape given its early access status. Graphics were about what we expected after seeing the verious trailers and screen shots and we didn’t experience any weird phsyics anomalies during our time playing the game.

The first battle was genuinely fantastic. We got to defeat some raiders. The campaign was an absolute victory, especially since we had horses, and they were trowing stones at us. Plus, it was part of another tutorial but that doesn’t matter. After the battle, a panel will show how much damage you’ve taken, how many losses you have, and also, and how mant prisoners you took. You will be able to transform those prisoners and enroll them into your army, which will bring us to more intense battles and more epic victories.

The game has just begun early access, but for many players, it doesn’t matter, the game is finally out, and we have to enjoy it as much as we can.

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