More Options Coming to Call of Duty: Warzone Soon!

It looks like Infinity Ward isn't sitting on its hands whne it comes to improving Call of Duty: Warzone.

We’ve already told you how to play Warzone as a one-man team and we’ve explained why you might be having trouble winning matches, but now it’s time to talk about what’s coming next. Infinity Ward is already playing 200-player matches internally and it’s experimenting with different squad sizes. When those features will come to Warzone is a bit of a mystery, but you can bet it won’t take IF long to start rolling things out.

In an interview with USA Today, Co-Head of Infinity Ward, Patrick Kelley, confirmed exactly this.

“I do think the world you play in is going to be undeniably unique. For one thing, we are initially going to roll out with 150 players, when you are typically seeing 60 to 100. Actually, I can tell you we are already playing with 200 players. We are going to release that a little bit later.”

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The idea of adding another 50 players to matches is really good news, as we’ve noticed that things can be a little sparse, given the size of the map. However, the potential to play in bigger squads seems to be in the works as well.

“I can tell you we have four- and five-player squads we are already playing with. But we want to launch with something we know works really well and we have tested to the nines and then play around with these different team sizes.”

This also makes sense as three-person squads can be a little annoying, especially if you have more than a few friends that you commonly play with online. It’s been great here in the office as it has spawned a little bit of inter-office competition, but it can also be quite annoying. There’s still no word about duos or single-player action, the latter of which would be like a massive free-for-all, but the thought of that is quite intriguing as well. Just imagine jumping to a 200-person match Rambo style and coming out on top – now that’s something I’d like to take credit for.  

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SourceUSA Today

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