Monster Hunter World: Rajang and Other Features From the Free Update

Now that you’re used to the Icecorne expansion for Monster Hunter World, a new update for Xbox One and PS4 is bringing a new creature to hunt and new improvements.

Rajang is the main attraction of this update, and for veterans, it’s a perfect opportunity to relive the Freedom 2 days. It’s described as a dangerous and powerful best, capable of killing even the “experienced hunters”. This beast looks like a Hell’s ape, with a considerable size and long and intimidating horns.

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If you want to take the challenge and take him down, you’ll have to complete Iceborne’s full story. This beast will be available to hunt if you explored for at least a short period the lands of the Guiding too. The Admiral can task you with finding and killing Rajang, and we don’t know much about the reward, but for such a beast we can expect some more than the usual.

Another important feature is the ability to make your room public. Just speak to your housekeeper in the “communication menu” and click “Your Room”. Also, if you wanted to improve your room’s look, now you have new items in Seliana available.

“Technical” features involve an adjustment for the “special tracks drop” in Guiding Lands.
Also, the analyzed special tracks will now be much easier to obtain making our hunter’s life easier.

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