Modern Warfare – More Leaks on Warzone Battle Royale Mode

I don’t know what to say, but Infinity Ward can’t keep a secret, especially “Warzone,” which will be the name of the upcoming battle Royale in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

This time, a video uploaded by “Chaos.” The video disappeared shortly after, but some of the facts we’re saved by our faithful Reddit.

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The video confirmed that the new model name would be “Warzone.” Every match will contain up to 150 players. The “Battle Royale” map will contain “fragments” from other maps, and you will have a handful of vehicles to use:

  • Helicopters
  • ATVs
  • Trucks

There are more coming, but this is what we know for sure. The “classic teams” will be available as well:

  1. Solo
  2. Duo
  3. Teams of 4

The mode will be free to play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend money on other things.

For example, apart from other battle royale game, if you die, you can continue the game. You can use a” Respawn Coin.” To return to the battle, you can fight with the “Gulag,” and if you win, you will be able to continue the game.

If you get “killed” by a player, you won’t die, you become captured. You can escape by fighting a 1vs1 with one of your enemies. Everyone can see this fight in the lobby.

This new mod may “seem” better, but the concept is the same. The “token” thing is forced into the game. The fight for “freedom” or revive seems cool but is the same as in Apex Legends, where one of your teammates must bring you back.

We can only wait and try it out ourselves to be able to give it a conclusion, but at the moment, we can only hope for more leaks and wait for the game release.

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