Modern Warfare Battle Royale “Warzone” Confirmed in Latest Patch

New Easter eggs have all but given official confirmation

The latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch brought the new map Bazar, among other things, but more import than that was an Easter egg hidden away inside the map. This Easter egg comes in the form of a blank map with the date “03/03” plastered underneath it.

You can see it plastered plain as day in the tweet above, and it certainly aligns with the latest rumors that Warzone would launch in early March.  It also explains why Activision was so quick to attempt legal action against those leaking information about Warzone. Conveniently, the date of 03/03 falls on a Tuesday, which would mean the release of Warzone would align perfectly with Activision’s usual schedule of releasing updates on Tuesdays.

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Finally, the latest patch made a small, almost unnoticeable update to the main menu of Modern Warfare too. The “Classified” section of the main menu has now been updated with a new “Transmission Incoming” screen, further suggesting that a reveal is happening.

If March 3rd really is the official release date for Modern Warfare Warzone, you can bet we’ll hear and learn more about it in the coming week, so stay tuned for updates.

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