Minecraft Dungeons Won’t Be Ready Until May 2020

It has been a while since we’ve heard about Minecraft’s new project, Minecraft Dungeons – the project that transformed the original game into an RPG with new locations and new enemies.  The game also features abilities, modern equipment, and a lot of puzzles. Let’s hope that this is the only delay that we will meet, and in May, we’ll get to play it, at least an early access. For what it’s worth, there is not a sure reason for this delay, but there’s a high chance that is has to do with the COVID-19 outbreak. We do know that the development team is already working at home based on a March 17 forum post.

“As we’re working from home to do our part in protecting our community, our workflows will, unfortunately, be impacted.”

Since they’re working from home, we can understand that it will take more time to finish the game, but hopefully May will bring Minecraft Dungeons. The game is surely something new and unique for the Mojang team, which relays on building and necessary fighting. As we progress through the game, we’ll get new items that will grant more power and unique abilities. The best way to describe the game will be a more cartoonish Diablo, with more explosions and less scary looking characters.

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Stefan Mariut
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