Microsoft Flight Simulator: First look inside the plane’s cockpit

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Previously we talked about how great the graohics of Microsoft Flight Simulator reall is, but what if we tell you that we have something smaller and even better? With the newly released video that shows off the detail of the plane cockpits, it’s clear that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is the most gorgeous and detailed game ever.

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The cockpits are more lifelike and more detailed than ever, so much so that with the right VR setup, it might be hard to tell that you’re not really flying the plane. No words can really describe the work and time that developers have put into this game.

Where Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 differs from previous version of the game is that it was designed with VR in mind. That means every control, screen, guage, and button can be touched and controlled – just like in real life. And, that brings us to our next point – the tutorial will be a downright necessity if you ever want to get off the ground.

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