Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, And Google Are Targeting Studio Acquisitions – This Is What It Means

Platform-exclusive games could become big business in 2021 and beyond.

There’s nothing like a few console exclusives to keep the war between gamers raging, but up until now, there haven’t been than many console-exclusive games, with Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony only holding a handful in the grand scheme of things. A new report, however, claims that Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and even Sony are all actively seeking studio acquisitions, and it could mean that the gaming industry as we know it is about to go through a drastic change.

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News of the aforementioned companies looking to snatch up studios left and right comes from Brad Sams, a journalist that has a pretty good track record of reporting Microsoft news long before official word actually drops. In the video we’ve embedded below, he spills the beans about this industry-changing news:

“I’ve been hearing a lot of conversations behind closed doors about acquisitions in the industry. There’s a lot of moving things going on right now.”

He goes on to say that it’s hard tell what companies are in the running and who may acquire them, but apparently, there are some pretty big names in the mix:

“It’s hard to see which companies are going to get snatched up and by what vendors…. But I can tell you there are some big industry names out there being approached by Microsoft included, but then you also have Amazon and you also have google.”

Moving beyond this, Sony is also said to be among the group of companies looking to buy up various studios. Sams admits that Sony isn’t being as aggressive as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, but it’s still making its own moves. It shouldn’t be surprising, considering Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda along with a number of Bethesda-owned studios or Nintendo’s purchase of Next Level Games – the studio behind Luigi’s Mansion 3. The latter was actually a rare occurrence as Nintendo usually doesn’t look to acquire studios, but 2021 and the coming yeas are going to be quite interesting. So, what does this all mean? Well; that’s a real good questions.

The Number of Console Exclusives Could Grow Dramatically

 Console exclusives, generally, give fanboys of one particular console something to brag about and it allows companies like Sony and Microsoft to keep their respective fanbase. If you fell in love with Halo, you’re not going to skip out on Xbox Series X. Likewise, if you’re a God of War fan, you’re itching to get the new PlayStation 5. With Microsoft and Sony looking to acquire more big-name studios, the list of console exclusives for each platform could grow dramatically. This, in turn, will give a lot of us – and a big chunk of the one-console population – a good reason to buy both consoles.

However, this is only one side of things. The other side of it is that a lot of future games might be available to play at launch with no upfront cost. Take into consideration Xbox Games Pass. Xbox is aiming to release its new games into the Games Pass ecosystem at launch, which means anyone with a subscription will be able to download and play right away. Sony has a similar setup. Google and amazon could follow suit. With the future of gaming seemingly focused around game streaming, there could be a point where we’re end up paying a month subscription to all four – Microsoft, Sony, Google, and Amazon – just so that we can get our fix of our favorite games.

Of course, a lot of this is just speculation for now, and we can’t say for sure that Sams’ report is in fact 100-percent accurate, but it certainly would make sense. Will there be a time when we won’t have to buy a console at all to play the best Sony- or Microsoft-exclusive games? We’re a long way away from that for now, but it the distant future, it sure is a possibility, and mass studio acquisitions could be the first major step toward that future.

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