With new data breaches happening what seems like every day, technology taking over us, fake news everywhere, and crooked politicians crawling out the woodwork, life has gotten pretty crazy, and it almost feels like we need to be liberated. Well, that’s exactly the basis of this new playable, graphic novel from independent developer Atomic Wolf. Known only by the name “Liberated,” the game explores all the facets of common day life from crooked politicians to technology consuming every minute of our lives. Even better, the storyline comes via a comic-book-style storyline with each part of the story being playable.

The backstory of this game… uh, graphic novel… is a simple one. It’s a story about technological surveillance taking our freedom away as government authorities attempt to manipulate the world population. Civil rights are non-existent while every single person is under constant surveillance via social media, online payments, and GPS tracking, among other things. Sound familiar? Well, we’re not there quite yet, but who’s to say it’s not in our future? Back to the story at hand, you play as an insurgent that is resisting this oppression and fighting for your freedom against a very vengeful and angry government. Even better, however, is that you actually get to experience both sides of the conflict and every action you make changes the outcome of the story.

Liberated Graphic Novel Announcement Trailer

The story is told and played across four different chapters with each focusing on a different character with a different story. It’s basically a motion comic mixed in with a video game. And, the gameplay it’s self is like a modern-day side-scrolling shooter that’s both grim and engaging. The novel is said to transition seamlessly between story sequences and playable action sequences from panel to panel.  So, mix modern day problems with great storytelling and 2.5D graphics, and you have what’s going to be a very cool indie game.

“The way technology is being used to aid government control has changed drastically in the 21st century, and we wanted to explore the dangers of where it’s seemingly headed,” said Marek Czerniak, Creative Director at Atomic Wolf. “Liberated explores this in a nuanced, pragmatic way, with a stylish blend of motion comics and gameplay that keeps things brisk, stylish, and on the edge of your seat!”

“When we first saw what Liberated was up to we were instantly hooked!” said Robert Purzycki, co-founder of Walkabout. “It’s exploring real issues that we grapple with every day as we wrestle with both the advantages and perils of technology, social media, and the stranglehold corporations have over us. We think it’s one of the most thought-provoking games on the horizon and can’t wait to hear players discuss it!”

As far as a release date, there’s no date set in stone, but it will come to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2019.

Liberated Gallery


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