Legends of Runeterra: All You Need to Know About Expeditions

Today is a big day, as we get to see more about the Legend of Runeterra, a game themed by the popular MOBA League of Legends. This preview will present the expeditions mode. Expedition mode will be, perhaps, one of the most challenging mods for the whole game.

What’s so special about this mode?

Let’s start with your deck. The basic card game will let you prepare your deck as you please, with unlimited combinations(depending on how much you’ve unlocked along the way). Expedition will take this “advantage” and will offer you new cards along the way. You will have to choose from a limited number of carsd, with different skills or champions.

When do I get to choose the cards?

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You will get to pick cards after every win, from the series of six. The last one, number seven, is the last and the hardest. You can also get cards by trading the ones you don’t need. There will be no other ways to obtain cards.

Losing a match, will it require me to start all over again?

Victories will get you to the last “match”. In case you lose one of them, there will always be a second chance. Every match, until you reach the last one, can be played two times. If you lose the seventh match, you will have the chance to replay the trial. The better the performance, the better the rewards.

Besides expeditions, you will receive bonus wildcards to improve your deck. An Expedition token will also be added alongside 8000 Shards to play the tree Expeditions. The already existing cards will be updated. This preview will start on November 14th and end on November 19th.

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