Leaked PS5 Godfall Footage Was Year-Old Internal Presentation Footage

It looked so bad because it was designed and played on PC

In case you don’t know how things work, game developers don’t work directly on consoles – at least not at first. All the initial legwork that goes into designing a game, including story creation, character design, and map creation, happens on a PC level. And, this is exactly why the footage in the Godfall trailer we showed you yesterday looked so bad. It’s at least a year old, and it’s footage that was taken from a makeshift PC version of the game that was used merely for internal presentation within the studio.

This confirmation actually comes from two different sources. The first source was Counterplay Games, the developer of the game, via the official Godfall twitter account:

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The second confirmation came from Randy Pitchford, the big boss over at Gearbox, the studio that’s actually publishing Godfall when the time comes:

The good news is that both the developer and publishing studio were stoked to see all of the good vibes that came from the leaked trailer. Godfall will undoubtedly make its debut in time for the PS5’s launch during the holiday 2020 season, and we may actually see some updated, PS5-level footage when Sony finally gives us a fresh look at the PS5. We don’t know when that will be but it certainly won’t happen at E3 2020 as Sony has decided to skip it altogether.

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