Leaked: Is This The Name and Logo Of EA’s New Star Wars Game?

What does this Twitter bot know that we don’t?

A report from Kotaku said that Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Battlefront spinoff was cancelled after EA decided that it didn’t want to wait for any further delays. The good news that came via this report was that two new Star Wars games were in development, one of which would be a sequel to Fallen Order and the other being a “smaller, more unusual” game from EA Motive.

Now, it’s looking like we’re getting our first look into what we can expect from the game coming from EA Motive. Well, kind of, as we now have a look at what could very well be the first piece of logo art and the name “Star Wars Project Maverick.”

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The tweet above comes from a Twitter bot that didn’t release any other information outside of the image and news that “Maverick” have been added to the European PlayStation Network. We can see that there are a few X-wing fighters shooting through an asteroid field toward a Star Destroyer, but what this image really means or if it’s even legit is a completely different story.  

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