League Of Legends Clash: What You Need to Know

League of Legends clash is perhaps one of the most challenging and fun events, after the first URF. Clash is basically a tournament that anyone can enter with big rewards and a lot of chances to win.

First of all, Clash is an event where you and four of your friends join a team and fight two matches if you’re lucky. To qualify for this tournament, you must have played your ranked placement matches, but that’s the only prerequisite. You and three of your friends can be Iron 5 and that one friend who is Diamond 1 can join your team. This will increase the tier of your team, so you can expect to play against Diamond players, regardless of the dominant rank.

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To enter, you’ll need a ticket, which can be bought with blue essence. To spice up the situation, you can buy a ticked with RP, and increase the value of the rewards. After you’ve convinced your friends to stop wasting time and join your team, make sure that they won’t be late because if one of the team’s members isn’t “locked-in” before the time runs out, you’re disqualified.

If everything goes according to plan and you enter the competition, then you’ll have the opportunity to spy the top five picks of your opponents, and so they can see yours. After this, there is no more hiding and no more waiting – you simply have to win. In clash you will also have every champion unlocked, so you can create an even bigger plan with your teammates.

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