Latest Leaks Suggest Silent Hill’s Reveal Imminent; Resident Evil 8 to be the Most Gruesome Yet

The leaker has been right on more than a few occasions

Known Silent Hill and Resident Evil Leaker @AestheticGamer has suggested that Resident Evil 8 will be “the darkest and most gruesome RE yet” while at the same time suggesting that, while he doesn’t know anything he hasn’t shared about Silent Hill, that the game will be revealed soon.

For what it’s worth, Aesthetic Gamer has been pretty reliable in the past. In January, he suggested that both Silent Hills and Silent hill would be revealed this year. Then, in March, he suggested that Silent Hill would return for the PlayStation 5. As far as Resident Evil 8 goes, he’s been quite forthcoming with information as well. In the last month and a half he’s said that Resident Evil 8 will piss you off, that it would feature a first-person view, and that it will be a sequel to RE7: Biohazard.  

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With Resident Evil 7 pushing the first-person view to extremes, the news that RE8 would be played from the first-person perspective is big news. How Capcom can make RE8 any darker or gruesome than RE7, however, is a question I’m itching to see answered. RE7 had a claustrophobic feel too it that no other Resident Evil game has had in the past and it kind of went beyond the usual zombie shooter horror brand that we’ve usually associated with the series.  

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but if Silent Hill is being revealed just a few months after Aesthetic Gamer started spreading information, then we could also see RE8 revealed be the end of the summer, and that’s certainly something we’re looking forward to.

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