Last Oasis Is Online and Stable

Last Oasis is back online after a harsh jump into the Early Access back in March. At the time, the servers started kicking players out letting after just a few minutes of gameplay. There was apparebtly no way to fix this problem fast, so the developers decided to close the game entirely until the problem was solved. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and here we are with Last Oasis online once again.

Last weekend devloopers started a “stress test” to see how the servers handle under pressure and everything worked just fine. So, if you were excited to start playing the game back then, but didn’t get a chance to check it out, now’s your time. Don’t worry about being too far behind anyone who managed to play before things went haywire still had their progress wiped, so eveyrone has to start from a fresh slate.

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In case you’re wondering what caused this problem, a small number of players reported that they were getting stuck in the map. In the beginning, there was a small number, but it increased in a short time. After that, players got stuck in endless queues. That didn’t last long because, after that, the servers started shutting down. Apparently, the problem wasn’t actually related to a bug as previously expected. The servers were set up with a fail-safe that would lead to them to shut down and reboot automatically if there was a problem. The servers couldn’t handle this kind of stress, the main database became slow and all servers shut down at once. This problem also led to the discovery of other problems like lobbies and queues not being optimized for a high level of players. The backend couldn’t handle all of the players attempting to join and the people stuck in the queues made it even worse because the servers were getting constant requests.

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