John Wick Hex: First Gameplay Impressions

Even if the appearance of Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 as Johny Silverhand has been hyped beyond belief, let’s not forget that he also has his own game known as John Wick Hex.

As we know him from the movie series, he still strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. This game won’t focus on action scenes and unnecessary violence, though. We can see our character from above and and our role is to choose his next move. We’re moving by clicking on one of the points available on the ground, which will make the fog of war disappear and reveal new paths and new enemies.

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After we strike down our first enemy, we finally get a handgun. Now the fun begins. Different options become accessible, depending on the distance between us and the target. if the target is far away, we’ll only get to shoot him, with no takedown possible. Ranged combat can easily be avoided, though. After all, we’re a well-known assassin. We change our position as soon as an enemy sees us, we wait for him to come even closer, then we take him down with less noise. We go forward, but an enemy ambushes us, we have no other choice than to use our handgun and take him down, but the noise attracts another bad guy, and he immediately starts shooting at us. The closer we are, the more accurate the shot is.

The game itself looks like one of his movies, and we rely only on melee kills and handguns – nothing big or very amazing in terms of hardware. It requires more strategy then reflexes or anything that involves direct action. You’ll get a menu every time you’re getting close to an enemy and, after that, its all up to you.

Speaking about graphics, well, to be honest, there’s nothing special, as the game itself looks like it comes from 2005 where cartoonish graphics are actually good, the environment is very simple and, honestly, lacks a lot of details.

John Wick Hex was released on October 8th and is available on PC and Mac

John Wick Hex Trailer

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