It’s Confirmed: Duos Is in Development for Call of Duty: Warzone

There’s no specific release date, but Infinity Ward and Raven Software are on it

Outside of the limited time option to play Duos in Plunder, Call of Duty: Warzone has been largely without the option to team up with you buddy. Well, you can if you decide to forgo adding other people to your trios and quads lineup, but then you’re at a huge disadvantage. As it turns out, Infinity Ward has listened to our desires and are working on bringing duos to Warzone, hopefully as a permanent fixture.

In a recent interview with GamerGen, Raven’s Creative Director, Amos Hodge, admitted that both studios are aware of the overwhelming demand for a duos mode. And, it’s currently in development, but there are some bugs to work out. Hodge stopped short on setting expectations for when the mode will make its way to Warzone, but this is promising news nonetheless.

“We had Duos on Plunder, but I’m not sure where Duos is, we got some bugs to work out with Duos. But we’re listening to the community – if you noticed, we launched with just Trios, then we added Solos, the we added Quads, so we will get to a place where we add Duos in the future. There’s just no exact time I can give you for now, but Duos is coming.”

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With this in mind, where will it lineup up in the core lineup of game modes? There has been a lot of shuffling of game modes, and Infinity Ward’s Narrative Director – Taylor Kurosaki – has admitted that they aren’t sure what the core modes in Warzone should be. This is also the reason why game modes will arrive as another disappears, just to be rebalanced after protesting from players.

“We’re trying to figure out what these core modes are,” he said. “It’s funny – I know Amos is active on social medias, and I’m as well – when you add Quads, people are like ‘Where are the Trios?’ And then you go to Trios and they go ‘Where are the Quads?’ Everyone wants to play the game in a slightly different way, which is really cool and exciting, so we’re trying to figure out what the standard modes are, and what are the modes that works better as sort of a short time, mixing it up kind of situation.”

With this in mind, there’s a good chance that it will be up to players like you and I to help the studios determine what modes are available full-stay and what modes pop up every now and then. Kurosaki admitted that the two studios are constantly tweaking Warzone, but made it clear that both studios are working well together. “We’re listening and continually tweaking it, and like Amos said, we’re supporting this game full force,” said Kurosaki.

At the end of the day, we’re probably looking at a month or two before duos officially lands in Warzone for good, but based on what we’ve learned, there’s no guarantee that it – or any other current game mode, for that matter – will be around permanently. So, make sure you speak your mind, and let the studios know what you want. After all, there is a lot in the works – a recent leak from dataminers exposed as many as 10 new modes waiting to launch.

SourceGamer Gen
Robert Moore
Robert Moore
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