Is Sucker Punch Working on a Sequel to Ghost of Tsushima?

A new job listing hints at the potential for a Ghost of Tsushima follow-up, but it could be something entirely different

Ghost of Tsushima is still a newborn baby as far as time on the market goes, and now a new job listing from studio Sucker Punch could be hinting that a sequel could be in the works.

According to the aforementioned job posting, Sucker Punch is looking for a new narrative writer to join its team. This person would “help create engaging narrative content for our upcoming projects.” The listing calls for the right applicant to have knowledge of writing character-driven stories withing a “AAA open world game.” If that doesn’t sell it for you yet, one of the job requirements is to have “a desire to write stories set in feudal Japan” along with an added plus of “having a knowledge of feudal Japanese history.

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Ghost of Tsushima is set in late-13th century feudal Japan, so if Sucker Punch is looking for someone with knowledge of this era and the desire to write about it, it could be a clear indication that a sequel is in the works. But, does this mean a sequel is actually happening? No, and it would be very early in the game’s life for this to actually be the case. The more likely situation is that Sucker Punch is looking for someone to help develop expansion content. There’s a chance it could be a new project set in the same world as well, but we’re guessing the a whole bunch of new content for this game is more likely.

With that said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to read up more about the 1.1 update that also brings Legends online co-op mode and how you can take advantage of that. Other recent news includes how the Ghost of Tsushima is double boosted for the PS5 and that online multiplayer mode was a well-kept secret from the beginning.

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