Is Ghost Coming Back to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on February 11? (Updated)

A new teaser hints that Ghost might be making a comeback – will it be a multiplayer only ordeal or is there more to it?

Updated 02/10/2020: Just a day before Modern Warfare Season 2 officially kicks off, the official trailer was leaked across Reddit and various social media platforms. We now know for sure that Rust is, in fact, returning to Modern Warfare, and there’s a new Ground War map known as Zhokov Boneyardmaking its debut as well. We’re still not sure inwhat capacity Ghost is returning, but he’s clearly visible in the leaked trailer. Here’s the leaked trailer:

A new teaser posted by the official Call of Duty Twitter account brought us a couple of late Christmas presents. The first was an official start date for Modern Warefare Season 2, which is confirmed to kick off on February 11. The second? Well, it looks like a fan-favorite character, Ghost, just might be making a comeback:

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What you see above is the first official trailer for Modern Warfare’s next competitive season and there are a number of teasers, including confirmation that the map Rust is, in fact, returning. What was more surprising, however, is that Ghost – one of the coolest characters from the original Modern Warfare series – might be making a comeback. We’re not sure if he’s coming back solely for PvP multiplayer or if he’ll be embedded in the story of PvE Spec Ops.

As for the leaked and rumored battle royal mode for Modern Warfare, there’s still no official confirmation. However, Raven Software – a support studio for the Call of Duty franchise and the studio said to be building the battle royale mode – did retweet the trailer with a cheeky emoji, so there’s a good possibility that it will be coming along with the launch of Season 2 as well.

If you’re unaware, the update that comes along with season 2 will be free across all platforms, including PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for anyone who owns the base game. A brand new battle pass will be available as well, however, there’s still no word on that. With Season two launching within the next week, we’ll surely learn more about it between now and the time it launches, so stay tuned for updates.

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