Intel’s Horseshoe Bend prototype looks amazing

Horseshoe Bend could be a game changer in the portable computing industry. First of all, just to be clear, it’s still a prototype. Now, you may say that there are already similar devices, such as the Lenovo X1 Fold, but this one is special because of its size. It features a 17.3-inches OLED foldable screen.

Folded, it looks just like a regular laptop, well at least in size. Fold it and put in on a desk, scroll down with no problem, care to watch a movie? Unfold it and enjoy that large screen. For those who want to know about gaming applications, or maybe the virtual keyboard is not your style, you can always add an external keyboard(wireless or the classic). This folding competition is between Intel’s Horseshoe Bend and Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold with an only 13-inch screen.

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Behind Horseshoe Bend, we have the newest Tiger Lake architecture(10nm). The device is very thick, but the 7mm-thickness comes with a price, there is no active cooling and a 9W TDP. This device may also introduce a new operating system, most probably Windows10X. Now, we don’t know more about it, so we can’t say what are the big differences between Horseshoe Bend and the ThinkPad X1 Fold, except the obvious screen size. For sure we know that Intel is pushing for production, so the Horseshoe Bend will be out as soon as possible.

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