Infinity Ward Will Soon Force Call of Duty Cheaters to Play Together

It feels like the ultimate troll, and that’s the beauty of it

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had its own problem with cheaters but once Warzone launched, cheaters started coming out of the woodwork. So far, Infinity Ward has banned 50,000+ cheaters from the game, and it’s only made a small dent in an ongoing problem of people using cheats that guarantee headshots, auto-aiming, invincibility, and the like. While it might be fun for the person running the cheats, it sucks for the rest of us. Instead of banning people outright, however, Infinity Ward has a novel solution. It’s going to start grouping all cheaters together and force them to play against one another.

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This solution will come as part of an update that will increase security across both Modern Warfare and Warzone, add notifications for when reported players have been banned, and will add report-a-player functionality to both killcam and spectate modes.

So far, there’s no specific date set for the new update, but it’s supposed to roll out this week, so it could be as early as Thursday, April 23. We’re sure to get a more detailed breakdown of this update soon, but we’re more excited to see how things unfold when cheaters are forced to play against one another. It almost feels like Infinity Ward should launch a dedicated spectator lobby that allows you do view “cheater matches” whenever you like. It’ll surely make for a good laugh or two, don’t you think?

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