Infinity Ward Has Patched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, But Your Stats Still Aren’t Back

Apparently, Infinity Ward is still working on a fix…

When Infinity Ward released the latest patch that brough about a new crossbow weapon, among other things, it came at quite the cost – a new issue that caused all of your stats to be wiped away and reset to zero, or at least it seemed that away. Since then, Infinity Ward has assured us that everyone’s stats and progress have been maintained behind the scenes but has yet to find a way to restore them.

For now, a new fix has been released – one that’s being called a backend patch. You don’t have to download anything, but it does address a couple of things. First and foremost, the issue with the loadout slots have been addressed. Some people were experiencing an issue where they were getting kicked back to the multiplayer screen when they clicked on the class. That won’t happen anymore, but those of you that have successfully created classes in those slots will noticed they’ve been reset. Infinity Ward says that it’s a one-time scenario, but you’ll have to remake those classes.

We’re actively working on a fix for this, but do not have one to deploy tonight. ou are still able to play the game as usual and your progression will still track, but please be aware that once we do have a fix, we may have to roll back your stats to the state they were in prior to today’s update.

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The other major thing addressed by this emergency patch gets rid of that error prompt that would come up at random. This is the same error that, when you click “yes,” your stats would be wiped out. The error prompt itself has been addressed, but if your multiplayer stats have been erased, you’re still out of luck. Infinity Ward says that the stats have all been maintained internally, and will be restored eventually, but for now, they can’t bring them back. You can apparently continue to play as you usually would, but once Infinity Ward has solved the problem, any XP or progression made between now and then will likely be rolledback. In other words, your progress and stats will be rolled back to what they were before the bug bit you.

We’ll keep you apprised of any updates as they become available, however, in the future, it’s probably best to click “No” on any random error prompts.

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