If You’re Having Trouble Winning Call of Duty Warzone, This is Why

You’re probably in a match with people that have a lot more experience

Whether you like it or not, skill-based matchmaking, dubbed SBMM, is a major part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare online matchmaking. In short, it pairs you with people of similar skill so, in short, you don’t get your ass handed to you every time you play. Well, if you’ve been having trouble surviving in the newly launched Warzone battle Royale, this is also why – it doesn’t have skill-based matchmaking.

There’s also something funny about all of this. With SBMM being so prevalent in Modern Warfare, it has become widely hated because it makes the game “boring” or “dull” with some even saying that it makes leveling up just too much of a grind. In reality, it makes the game more fair for everyone. People have been complaining…. A lot. Now that Warzone has launched, and it’s pretty clear that SBMM is nowhere to be found, there are some mixed opinions. A lot of people are praising it, but others are complaining – I guess you can’t please everyone.

Will SBMM Ever Come to Call of Duty: Warzone?

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With players everywhere asking questions about whether or not SBMM is active in Warzone, Infinity Ward has come right out and say that there is no SBMM for any of the game modes in MW with large player count. That rule extends to Warzone as well – after all, it does accommodate 150 players.

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