Hurry Up and Download the MediEvil Demo Before It’s Too Late!

Our favorite skeleton hero is brought back to life once again, only this time he looks way better. If you can’t wait for MediEvil to officially launch at the end of October, or you just want to try out some features and see the new graphics of MediEvil, you can download a demo version right from the PlayStation Store.

The only caveat here is that the demo is only available until October 6th, so you better hurry up if you want to get it. One of the other’s reasons to play it is the unique opportunity to claim “Dan’s Helmet” which you can later use on the actual game.

What is Medievil And When Can I Get It?

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In MediEvil, a powerful evil Wizzard raises an army of “undead” to conquer the world. Of course, there is a brave warrior who leads a counter-attack to prevent any catastrophic events. It’s not a happy ending, as our hero makes one crucial mistake: he charges into battle with no shield as a rain of arrows is pouring down on him. But its not over yet, as now he must fight as a skeleton with a sword bigger than himself. Use different weapons to crush your enemies and achieve the long-awaited victory upon the forces of evil in different locations. If you don’t get the demo by October 6th, you can begin your quest starting October 25 on PS4.

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