How to Get the 2020 Glider in Fortnite (Winterfest Firework Challenge)

To celebrate the arrival of 2020, Epic Games wants to give you a new glider in Fortnite – one that proudly displays “2020.” Of course, nothing is free, so you know there’s a challenge you have complete. Fortunately, it’s an easy challenge, and all you have to do is set off a single firework to claim your prize. We’ve found three of them in our Winterfest adventures, and we’ve put together a map with known locations to help you find them.

Fotnite Froze Frozen Firework Locations

The three fireworks that we found were all on the north side of the map, however, we’re pretty sure there are at least a handful more further south. Either way, check out Sweaty Sands, Craggy Cliffs, or the beach to the east of Dirty Docks, and you’ll find a lone firework waiting for you to dispatch it.

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Activate any one of the fireworks and you’ll complete the challenge. They return to the same location every match, too, so if you don’t get one this match, try again in the next match. It might be a good idea to grab some supplies to protect yourself from snipers while you’re activating the firework – we ran into difficulties several times trying to activate the firework on Dirty Docks shoreline.

The 2020 glider is part of the Fortnite Winterfest Challenges, so you actually have until Jan 7th to complete the challenge and claim your new glider. If you need help with other challenges, check out our Winterfest Ice Box location guide or out Winterfest Snow Flake location guide!

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