Homeworld 3 is Officially Happening – Heres What We Know

After making us believe that there will be no new installment for the Homeworld series – It’s been 15 years since the release of Homelands 2(2003) – a new game, “Homeworld 3” was finally confirmed at PAX West panel. It will be developed by Blackbird Interactive, the same developers that brought us Homeworld 2 Remastered.

Declared as “the true sequel,” it will return to our screens with more epic battles, among other things. The game won’t suffer big changes, though, as the developers want to keep the “classic RTS”, but for sure, there will be a graphics update. Homeword is a series of real-time strategy games that take place in space. The game will focus on the “Kushan” exiles from a planet called “Kharak,” a planet that was destroyed by the “Taiidan” Empire as a punishment for creating a “hyperspace jump.” This is an unfortunate event that leads our main character in a journey to reclaim his original home planet from the “Taiidan” Empire, the planet of Hiigara. In the game, youll fight against pirates and rebels or close some sweet deals with the traders you will meet along the way.

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