Here’s Your First Look Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay

Marvel’s Avengers smashed its way to our hearts in a spectacular debut at E3. Even if Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix kept showing only cinematics, the long wait has been justified with 18 minutes of gameplay that represents a prologue mission named “A-Day” shown off to the public at Gamescom.

First of all, the location has been chosen perfectly. The “Warfield” created by the bad guys is just gorgeous, being completed by the in-game dialogue of the characters. In the mission “A-Day,” we can control every one of the five heroes that are available – at least as far as we can tell from this video.

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First of all, we get to see Thor in all his might showing off his lightning powers alongside some hammer punching. Iron man can fly, providing air support, relying on his missiles and lasers. Next in line, we have our big green favorite, who’s attacks are, well, smashing the ground, smashing people into the ground, smashing people into people – you get the idea.

Captain America made his entrance with a big boom, showing off some good old punches and some ranged attacks with his mighty shield in a boomerang manner. Black Widow gets to fight the big boss of this mission, Taskmaster, starting with some good punches then quickly loading her guns and a cloaking device used to deliver her last punch.

The confused reaction offered by the public was created by the lack of actual gameplay shown at the E3 presentation. A lot of questions are still waiting for their response, especially those about the online platform and microtransactions. Marvel’s Avengers will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One starting with May 15th

Marvel Avengers: A-Day Official Trailer

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