Here’s What You Need to Know About Fortnite V10.40 update

The new patch is live, and many changes can already be seen on the map, the most important of which is the new rift zone. The new rift zone can be found close to Pleasant Park, in Starry Suburbs. When you reach the zone, you see many “shooting stars,” and destroying those stars will grant you improved items and a powerful, unknown weapon.

“Zone Wars” has started, described as a “simulation of the end-game”. How is this different from the others? In other maps that play the end-game, you only have one point where the storm is sinking, knowing where you’ll be safe, it created an unfair advantage for those who already played the map. Epic Games will change the way this turned out, as this map will have a random location where the storm will shrink every match.

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The match experience will be different as Epic Games kept its promise and delivered a new matchmaking system, which will set you against players with the same “skill” as you. There will be no bots until next season. One of the most important features of the new update is the “double XP weekend”. Starting September 27 and running until September 30, you will receive a double amount of exp for every match you play. This comes as a “helpful hand” for those who fell behind with their Battle pass progress.

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