Halloween Means There’s Life After Death In Apex Legends

Apex Legends launched to extreme success and, like every other battle royale out there, you’ll get to enjoy some Halloween festivities during the spookiest part of the year. The new Fight or Fright event kicked off on October 22 and runs until November 3, so let me tell you about all the fun that comes along with it.

The Apex Legends Fight of Fright event starts off with some new cosmetics to get you in the mood. I’m talking about all kinds of skins that range from crazy, wicked witches to the creepiest of clowns and just about everything in between. EA is even including all 24 of the items from last year’s even in various bundles and offers in the shop, including the Sweet Dreams Caustic and Wicked Harvest Bloodhound.

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From here, you’ll also find that Loba and Revenant can be dressed in brand-new skins that weren’t available last year. To take advantage of all the Fight of Fright event has to offer, however, you’ll have to play regularly as the spooky items in the shop will rotate weekly with different sets of item and skin bundles. Item deals will rotate three times over the course of the two-week event.

Moving forward, there is an event-exclusive price track with new rewards. Free rewards are available to everyone through various challenges. This isn’t the highlight of the whole ordeal, though, as the big news here is the limited-time Shadow Royale mode. In this mode, you’ll be pushed into an alternate reality where Revenant is in charge of Apex Games. This is where you’ll get to enjoy life after death too, as once you’re killed off (and you probably will be), you come back in shadow form to continue supporting your team from death. You’ll be impressively fast, enjoy enhanced mobility, and you’ll have some kick-ass melee skills too. This game mode will run for the entirety of the event, but come November 3rd, it’ll be shelved until – proabably – the next Halloween event.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and enjoy all the Halloween fun while you still can!

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