Half-Life Alyx Lost the Crowbar Because Of People Like You!

The Half-Life series can be described in many words. It has even served as the start of many gamer’s stories, but if you had to describe it in one word, that would be: crowbar. Your first melee weapon was and will be a crowbar; unfortunately Half-Life Alyx – the recently launched entry to the series and a virtual reality exclusive – won’t keep the tradition.

Now, there are many reasons why this beautiful weapon would be removed. You might be thinking there were a few bugs or some other odd errors. But, sadly, that’s not the case as that could be fixed. The real reason Vavle removed the crowbar isn’t something that can be fixed – it’s because Players are using it too much. It gets stuck in everything, and it seems like that’s a good reason for Valve to get rid of it.

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It seems like a lot of players have Gordon Freeman as their go-to. He and his crowbar are genuinely inside the player’s hearts. While roaming around with the crowbar in their hands, it keeps on getting stuck on different objects. There were other possibilities, especially knowing that the crowbar is loved by many players. Still, the only reasonable solution was to take it out of the game, at least until they can find a solution that will last.

We haven’t mentioned Gordon Freeman for anything. Many players love him soo much that they completely forgot about the new main character, “ Alyx Vance.” I don’t think that by removing his crowbar they will separate the players from their hero, in times of need, everything can be a crowbar, if you’re brave enough.

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