GTA Online Los Santos Summer Special – What You Need to Know

Summer is about to be hopping in Los Santos, and the part starts soon!

  • Los Santos Summer Special update will add new vehicles, new events, and new missions
  • Los Santos Summer Special Kicks Off on August 11, 2020
  • New weekly special events and bonuses
  • An allotment of general improvement and bug fixes are also part of the Summer Special update

Rockstar Games has officially announced the Los Santos Sumer Special update for GTA Online. Arriving on August 11, 2020, the update will include a number of bug fixes and general improvements, but will also include a handful of new vehicles, new events, and even new missions. This update will arrive for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and could be the last noteworthy update until the big GTA Online update that is set to kick off at the end of this year.

What New Missions Are Available with the Los Santos Sumer Special Update?

Given the summer theme, it shouldn’t surprise you that the new missions are based on the water. To be more specific, they are available to Galaxy Super Yacht owners who can play them alone or in co-op mode with up to three other people. Rockstar hasn’t elaborated too much on what we can expect, but these missions will include “everything from deep-sea diving to high-speed hi-jinks on the high seas.”

What New Events Are Included In the Los Santos Summer Special?

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On top of the new Yacht-based missions discussed above, Rockstar says there will be new Business Battles in some “surprising locations for serious rewards” while a range of Adversary Modes will take place at the Diamond Casino & Resort. There will also be an all-new series of Open Wheel Races and you can design your own street circuit with the new Open Wheel Race Creator.

What New Cars Arrive With the Los Santos Summer Update?

Rockstar has yet to spill the full can of beans about what new cars are coming, but there will be more than 12, two of which are new open-wheel cars (to go along with the Open Wheel Races and Open Wheel Race Creator mentioned above. There should also be a handful of tunable sports cars and some off-roaders thrown into the mix as well as some cars that Benny can customize. Rockstar says “more than a dozen new vehicles,” but we’re not expecting more than 15 at best. All vehicles will have to be purchased via the various auto websites.

When Does GTA Online Los Santos Summer Update Go Live?

Rockstar has yet to announce an official launch time, but we do know that the Los Santos Summer Update will go live on August 11th, 2020. It will also come with a number of general improvements and fixes to help keep things running smooth. Don’t forget to check out what we know about GTA Online’s next big update coming later this year or, if you’re a PC player, be sure to check out the best 4k and Realism Mods that make GTA 5 look more like GTA 6 with stunning graphics.


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