GTA Online: Here’s Where All the Action Figures are Hidden

It looks like Lester, the comic store owner its in need of assistance. You have to find 100 Actions Figures, all of which are scattered across the whole map. To complete the mission, you must log in, after that, Lester will contact you and ask you to search for lost action figures. Most of them are in the City, but it’s a big ass city and you’ll burn hours and hours trying to fin them all. Well, not necessarily thanks to @Foxysnaps who put together a map that pinpoints the location of each and every one.

After all this effort, the reward will be GTA$150,000 and 150,000RP. Besides all the money you earn, you also get the “Impotent Rage” outfit, a brand new haircut, and for the penthouse, 8 figurines to decorate your home.

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Stefan Mariut
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