GTA 4: Complete Edition Now Available on Steam Sans Multiplayer

Following an announcement last month from Rockstar, Grant Theft Auto is once again on Steam. If you’re wondering why it was gone in the first place, the Games for Windows Live was removed, which means no online multiplayer whatsoever. To compensate for its absence, players that bought Grand Theft Auto 4 or Liberty City Stories now have access to the Complete Edition, which is composed of all DLC packs and the base game.

The other version has been completely removed and is no longer playable, but if you want to start from where you left, you can load your saves from the previous version of the game – the files will be compatible in the most cases. There is bad news coming for multiplayer players. You won’t be able to join any more multiplayer games. The multiplayer mode has been removed so all you’re left to do is play to story or take advantage of killing NPCs.

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If you wish to buy the Complete Edition, you will have to wait until March 24th. You can either buy it on Steam or from the Rockstar Games Launcher. If you have a CD code, you will be able to play the game at the moment, but in the launcher. If you grabbed GTA 4 you have the opportunity to link your social club and play the game using the Rockstar launcher.

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