Grounded Will Be Launching In Early Access on Steam Soon

Developed by Obsidian, the game represents a survival experience, alone or with friends, based on gathering and crafting- your home, gear, and equipment. The game seems pretty standard, with the same basic pricipals of a lot of games run nowadays, but what makes this game special? Well, it’s a survival game where you play as a child and not a grown man or woman, but there’s a big twist – you are the size of an ant and insects pose a serious risk. The game isn’t available to be played quite yet, but it has officially been added to Steam and it could launch in Early Access by the end of this year.

When Early Access kicks off, the this is what the game will include:

  1. Arachnophobia mode
  2. Two tiers of equipment (armor and weapons)
  3. Solo and CO-OP modes
  4. Crafting
  5. Ten different insects(with more to come)
  6. Three biomes to roam( at the moment we only have “Grassland” “The Hedge” and “The Haze”)
  7. We will be able to create our base
  8. 20% of the storyline
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Why does the game seem so great? Well, besides the “used” idea of crafting, the game introduces the player into a miniature world of a simple, “boring” place – a garden.  The grass looks more like a giant Forrest, and a doll’s head looks like a giant statue. Every “normal” thing that you will find in your garden will have a story that will have an impact on the actions you take and how you can use them to your advantage. The game relies mainly on transformation, the everyday things that we ignore are now more spectacular.

You won’t have to fight some Sci-fi creatures, with tentacles and a thousand eyes, but you will fight ants, ladybugs, spiders, and other insects.  It sounds boring if you would be normal size, but in this game, you’re smaller than the ants, so what about that? The worst part is, most of these insects won’t be alone (the ants are the best example). You either cook the ants and survive or become food.

Grounded Screenshots


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