Google is Allegedly Working On the Second-Gen Stadia Servers Already

Stadia kind of launched at a weird time and it didn’t exactly have the best launch

Google Stadia isn’t even a year old yet, and it’s certainly had its fair share of problems, including the fact that it launched will very little support for promised features. Be that as it may, Google isn’t giving up yet and, if we’re to believe a recent report from Stadiacast, Google is already working on second-gen servers for the Stadia streaming service.  

StadiaCast, for what it’s worth, is generally considered reliable when it comes to Stadia information, but you should still take the news with a grain of salt. Apparently, developers who have chosen to remain anonymous, have said that developers have been working on the second-gen servers for a week now. It does make sense as next-gen games need to be playable on the service if Stadia even stands a chance of surviving against the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, but whether or not a streaming service will be able to keep up with dedicated console hardware is still a big mystery.

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If things work out the way they should, there would be no new hardware to buy to get next-gen graphics via Stadia’s streaming service. But, that’s assuming it works and assuming game developers are willing to spend the time to make their games available on stadia. So far, we haven’t seen anywhere near enough to know if Stadia is actually going to be around for the long run.

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