Ghost Recon Breakpoint Tips and Tricks


Starting a new game can prove difficult sometimes, but at the same time, it is what makes us play more and more. As with every new game, there are certain things to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Here’s what you need to know.

1Side Missions Offer Great Rewards

Don’t focus just on the main missions. As you probably already know, there are side quests or other objectives that may not advance the campaign but it will reward your time. You don’t have to complete them as soon as you find them, just mark them and return when you feel like doing it. Before anything, it’s a game, and it should be enjoyed at its best.

2Focus on your Health

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, action shot, player under gunfire from enemy

Focus on your health! Breakpoint focuses on your character’s health is an oddly complex way. for example, if your character is injured or low on stamina, you could simply fall off a mountain or into a valley. Stamina will decide for how long your character can run or how much he can climb. Every injury will affect your character and the game may prove even more difficult than it is supposed to be. Take care of your character to be ready for any missions.

3Remain Stealthy

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, players holding rifles next to a vehicle in the jungle

The game is called GHOST Recon Breakpoint for a reason. It’s true, you can always start shooting and ask questions later, but to make your life easier, try to stay hidden as much as you can and choose your weapons carefully.There’s something so satisfying about stealthy kills. If the stealth mode is strange to you, though, choose your class for a considerate advantage on the battlefield. By the way, when you remain stalthy, you also news to hide the bodies you left behind or the enemy will catch on very quickly.

4Use Your Equipment Effectively and Efficiently

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, open world view, drone in shot with traffic driving over a water dam

Use your equipment as much as you can. Here we’re going to talk especially about drones. The new addition to the game allows us to plan and discover enemies we can’t see through our scopes. The drone provides a lot of information. It seems like these new features are forgotten by many players, and frankly, we aren’t used to them so we rely on our skills and habits.

5Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, cutscene screen shot with two charcters, one holding a rifle.

Call for help when you see the battle is lost. Now you can ask for help from your friends or other players who just want to help. You only have to press O and others will be able to join and help you. You may say “I don’t need help” and die enough times to get angry or even close the game. This option will allow you to make new friends and play your next mission alongside a new friend, turn the difficulty up and you got yourself a quality time.


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