There’s a Hidden Meaning Behind Ghost of Tsushima’s Weather

In short, Ghost of Tsushima’s Weather Is Based On Your Honor

Games have had dynamic weather systems in one form or another for years, but Ghost of Tsushima’s is designed to add to the game. How So? Well, the dynamic weather in Ghost of Tsushima occurs in real-time and changes based on the decisions you make. As you – or Jin Sakai, I should say – begin to move down a darker, less-honorable path, the weather too will begin to get darker. This was explained by Creative Director, Nate Fox, in an interview with Gamespot:

“The game is definitely scripted to provide more storms as you do things which are extremely ghost driven.”

For those of you who haven’t played Ghost of Tsushima quite yet – it launched on July 17, 2020 for the PS4the concept of being “ghost driven” refers to the main protagonists honor or lack thereof as the game naturally progresses. Without going into spoilers, Jin starts out as an honorable samurai on a mission to save his homeland from invading Mongols. In the beginning, you’ll use skills of the samurai to defeat your enemies, but as you progress and the game gets more difficult, you’ll unlock less-honorable “ghost skills.” These ghost skills include stealthier methods of attack and even deceit.

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So, as the game naturally progresses, you’re actually encouraged to take advantage of this ghost skills. As you do, and Jin evolves, the weather, too, will evolve. Your path as a Samurai becomes darker and the weather follows suit. If you choose to remain honorable the weather will remain calm like it is in the beginning, but if you start playing dirty, storms will become more frequent and areas a bit darker.  Of course, one of the cool parts about the game is your ability to change the weather at any time with your flute, but you have to give developers credit for instilling the game with a unique take on the common morality meter.

With that said, if you’ve been on the fence about buying Ghost of Tsushima, then you should probably jump on it. It’s definitely a game worth playing, and it’ll keep you engaged for a long time.


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