Get Costume Quest and SOMA Free From the Epic Games Store Right Now

More free Halloween-theme free games for the taking

This week’s freebies from the Epic Games Store include Costume Quest and SOMA, two perfect games during the spooky days of Halloween, but the games couldn’t be more different if they developers worked together to make them that way. To be quite honest, one game tries to comfort you while the other tries to scare the shit out of you. How cool is that?


SOMA is basically the perfect blend of a horror and survival game (sans Resident Evil, of course) and is set in the weirdest of places – an underwater base that just happens to be inhabited by ugly, mechanical monsters. We don’t know where they come from, but their very nature will result in quite a few jumping scares if you really get into the game. Despite this, the actual purpose of the game is to explore your surroundings, even if the monster get in the way. Either way, you can get your hands on it until November 7th, so head on over to the Epic Games Store to snag your copy.

Costume Quest

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If you’re a fan of RPGs, you might like Costume Quest – at least if you’re into the whole Halloween thing, anyway. Costume Quest is and RPG that puts costumed kids against monsters in turn-based combat. The costumes leave a little to be desired, but they can also turn into massive, realistic versions of what they’re supposed to be. It’s good fun either way and, like SOMA, you get it on the Epic Games Store for free until November 7th.

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