Get A Gerald Bathtub Figurine For Just $59 on Amazon Right Now

Time to take Gerald home, and I am not talking about the basic fighter figurine. We’re talking about Gerald in a much more relaxing situation, with no worries and Mr. Ducky beside him. That’s right, We’re talking about a miniature tub with The Witcher in the middle.

Dream no more, as you can purchase it via Amazon for only $59($20 cheaper than usual.) For a single-player game, it still proves worthy after selling over 40 million copies in the entire world. The game focuses on action, fights with magical creatures, and horrifying monsters. The game is an action role-playing game in which you take control over the witcher, Gerald of Rivia, a monster hunter that impersonated players by taking a bath, so let’s not even talk about the fighting, magic, and story.

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The world that you explore is finely detailed and rewards the player for just simply “taking a walk” with many encounters, from which hopefully you will come out victorious. With over 57 missions, you will need at least 90 hours to go through all of it, and that’s only if you follow the main storyline, with non-extra fun abilities or other sidequests. If you want to complete your collection or you want a new companion when you’re gaming, consider the bath Gerald figurine one of your options.

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