Gears 5’s Launch Trailer Revealed

Only a few days left until it’s release on September 9th – that is unless you are an “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” member, in which case you can play the game starting September 6. Anyway, there are lots of guns, drama, explosions, and bloody scenes. Although, we’re still confused as to why the “terminator” is in it – apparently, time travel is too complicated for us.

We’ve seen many familiar characters, as Clayton Carmine and Augustus “Cole Train” cole. We’re happy to see that no bloody creature managed to take them from our screens, at least at this moment. We know that you found that something, we know that you need to kill it, but please, can we get at least a hint of what it is and how many bullets does it take to put it down?

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We see from the first seconds of the trailer that we will have to face giant monsters – these are probably bosses. But shortly after, we see that the size doesn’t matter. One of the team soldiers gets eaten alive by “small” flying creatures in just a few seconds. Discover the truth, and especially that thing that the main character keeps talking about in the game’s campaign. New guns and locations are waiting to be discovered and explored.

Join the 10 player PVP matches in an endless fight and show your team spirit or just how good your aim is compared to your teammates. New CO-OP carnage awaits you in “Escape.” The game appears to be more bloody and explosive than you’ve ever seen. Move fast as the clock is ticking, just to be sure, it’s a bomb’s clock. You can even test your surviving skills in the “Horde” mode, where everything that moves wants you dead. Or if you’re tired of all this shooting, go practice your creative skills on the “map builder” mode until you’re ready for another round of killing endless waves of monsters.

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter in which you follow the main character” Kait Diaz” in her quest to discover her family and how the “locust”(the monsters you will battle the whole game) were created. Developed by The Coalition, Gears 5 is promised to be a sequel to the game “Gears of War 4”. The game comes with a single-player campaign and multiplayer.
Gears 5 will be available on Xbox One and PC starting September 9th.

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