Gears 5: Big changes and New Features

Finally, we got some information about the Gears 5’s campaign. The game itself motivates you to explore all the new surroundings, even if it’s the main quest or just a side quest. This “evolution” impresses the player, especially those of you who like the “stealthy ninja style” kills along the way. There are also brand new abilities for those who love the adrenaline rush when you let all your enemies know you mean business.

Explore mountains covered entirely by snow, or endless deserts. The campaign starts with a village being attacked by the Swarm. Your character “Kait” and Del try their best to defend it. All presented in a cinematic mission. After the Swarm army fails to destroy the village, you’re gonna be introduced to your first vehicle. Do not expect a monster truck or an armored tank. Instead, you get a Skiff like a vehicle, powered by the wind and relatively simple to control.

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As wonderful as it sounds, the developers don’t consider Gears 5 an open-world game. Some areas are 50 times larger than a usual Gears level, the only reason for those large environments is to offer a better connection between the mission while not creating a “Grand Theft Auto” game-style.

If your skills of orientation are a bit rusty, don’t worry as the campaign will assist you with a marker that indicates the place you must reach, but take your time because you don’t have to follow a certain timeline. Or, maybe you want to finish all the sides objectives before advancing the story. If you can’t find any, don’t lose hope as some missions may display some locations that for sure will attract your attention.

The side-quest isn’t the only thing to look after, as you may find in abandoned buildings that house things like new weapons. Taking about new features, remember the old day where entering a room in the most silenced manner, and every last one of them sees you? In Gears 5, you can make a big entrance by blasting through the door or you can do your best to remain undetected. It is possible even if the game itself doesn’t have crouching or stealth options, it relies on your skills and nothing else. Take them out in “Hitman” style by placing traps, snipe them with precision, or just use explosives – as long as no one is left alive to alert the others of your presence.

If you liked Dishonored, then you will love Gears 5, as the new combat mechanics tend to be pretty similar. The new combat add-ons keep the “puzzle combat” which won our hearts in the Gears series. Now you can choose how you want to start your battle – rush in “Rambo style” or take “the big ones” in stealth and then the rush the rest. Or don’t even let them know what hit’em; its entirely up to you.

‘Jack, come back!” After it went missing from the last game. Jack the drone is back in business. This time it will join the action allowing a third player to use him in direct combat in the co-op game. You may wonder” what can he do?” well, he has three different abilities: Passive, Assault or Support. Starting by grabbing ammo or guns for the players, reviving teammates to blinding enemies, placing traps or converting an enemy to fight for your time for a short time.

Abilities can be upgraded for better performance. The upgrades aren’t free, so you should start some side missions to obtain the required pieces. Don’t think for a second that upgrading Jack is unlimited, as after enough upgrades you will get “Ultimate Upgrade” featuring new utilities for his abilities: Support abilities can get new utilities as more damage to scanned enemies or 3xmele damage while “Stim” is on.

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter that will be released on 6th September 2019 and will be available on Xbox One and PC.

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